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JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E FAQs

Q1 Can I use JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E for operations management?
A1 Yes. JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E simplifies your operations management tasks enormously. With JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E, your daily routine procedures--such as data entry from spreadsheet or database applications, numerical calculation, printing, and file storage--can be performed in a single batch process. In addition, the standard and target values, as well as stratification and collection conditions, that are repeatedly used in your quality control tasks can be registered for re-use.
Q2 Can I use JUSEStatWorks/V4.0E for presentations?
A2 Yes, you can easily customize the screen display to meet your specific presentation needs by changing chart/graph sizes, fonts, rulers, auxiliary lines, and other settings. Also, analysis results and charts/graphs can be exported via the clipboard as editable graphic components to other software programs such as wordprocessors and spreadsheets.
Q3 Does JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E support the SQC techniques specified in the IATF16949:2016 requirements?
A3 Yes. JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E supports SPC, MSA, and FMEA reference manuals, as well as QFD and "Design of Experiments" (including Taguchi Method) that are must for IATF16949:2016. In addition, you can output your results in a format compliant with Six Sigma requirements.
Q4 What kind of design development methodologies does JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E support?
A4 JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E offers a variety of "Design of Experiments" tools that cover Taguchi Method, orthogonal experiments, response surface methodology optimization, cause-and-effect diagrams, QFD, FMEA and many other methodologies utilizing language information.
Q5 How much can I input into JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E?
A5 You can input 32,768 samples into 256 variables individually.
Q6 What's the difference between the Japanese version and the English version?
A6 The Japanese version has 100 applications of statistics, and the English version has 70 of them. It is the quality management version.
Q7 What languages other than English do you support?
A7 We offer the Japanese version and the Chinese version.
Q8 What is the difference between JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E and other software?
A8 JUSE-StatWorks/V4.0E is much easier to use even for the beginners.